About Us

About Us


Dullet Ventures is a 100 % Botswana citizen owned company established in 2012.It has moved from strength to strength in penetrating the Botswana Market by offering services from building construction, business consultation, General supplies and now specializing in Personal hygiene products and ozone generators for water purification, air purification and food sterilizing. We are authorized dealers for Faraday Ozone Limited based in Tamil Nadu State, Coimbatore, India. We are on a constant pursuit to bring innovative solutions in the market and come up with something which can give excellent results and is less harmful to the environment.

Our Core Competencies : 

– Research & Development – We continuously carry out extensive research on offering best environmentally friendly products that bring along a solution to our domestic market. Improvement on the product features to keep up with
contemporary technologies

– Strategic Marketing – Our marketing team plans, analyses the market per product and recommend precise target for each our product. This is to ensure customer satisfaction. Once you are our customer, your experience of exceptional customer service starts!

Our Vision : 

To become the prime supplier of personal hygiene products in Botswana

Our Philosophy : 

“We believe that life is precious so is nature, Therefore we encourage a healthy living and preservation of environment since we live and depend on it,that’s why we have the right products for you”


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